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to Princess Cupcake Jones' world!

Welcome to the world of Princess Cupcake Jones! Here you will find all things Princess Cupcake Jones related! Browse through the five books in the series, download Princess Cupcake Jones coloring pages and printable activities, view some of our past Princess Cupcake Jones events, and shop the latest Princess Cupcake Jones merchandise!

See What Princess Cupcake Jones Has Been Up To!

PCJ Launched New Clothing Line with First Fashion Show

Princess Cupcake Jones host First Fashion Show featuring Social Media Sensations BeLikeGrey and Brooklyn Queen.  

PCJ Author Shares Her Weekly Allergy-Friendly Meal Plan

One thing’s for sure: Ylleya Evans has a lot on her plate. The mother of six and author of the popular Princess Cupcake Jones book series knows what it’s like to juggle a busy household, on top of her own work.     

Kylie Jenner Includes Princess Cupcake Jones

Kylie Jenner wants Stormi to be an avid reader, and she included Princess Cupcake Jones in her collection.  

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